Supported Employment in the Pacific Northwest

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Able currently participates in a supported employment program at a tech campus account in the Pacific Northwest. Supported employment (SE) is a well-defined approach to helping people with disabilities participate in the competitive labor market, helping them find meaningful jobs, and providing ongoing support from a team of professionals (source: Able’s SE staff and the participation of other service providers in the SE program were recently recognized for providing meaningful jobs for people with disabilities.

“It was amazing to see our employees with their coaches and family members celebrating together,” said Mary Hulbert, HR & Safety Administrator, Able Services. “One mother was sharing with me how much she appreciated the job that her daughter has on campus, saying, ‘you really have no idea how much this means to all of us. To watch my daughter gain confidence through her on the job success is amazing and I am so thankful.’”

Embracing client goals as our own goals is a philosophy that has driven Able Services to become the largest family owned and privately held provider of engineering, janitorial, and facilities solutions.

“As an organization, it is imperative to continue innovating and finding additional ways to support the goals of our clients. As they grow, we grow, and we can take those lessons learned to other clients, thus expanding our brand of service,” said Mark Kelly, President of Able Services.

Able Services is America’s largest family-owned provider of Janitorial, Engineering, and Facility solutions. Since 1926 Able has consistently delivered world-class service at a competitive value, thereby achieving significant savings and efficiencies for our clients.


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