From One Grad to Another

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SFSU_GradOver the weekend 8800 students graduated from San Francisco State University at AT&T park. The mood was filled with youthful exuberance and optimism; graduates ending one chapter of their lives and beginning the next journey. We would like to congratulate our spring intern, Michelle Burney, on her graduation. Michelle worked for Able while finishing her last semester at San Francisco State University.


This past winter we reached out to the industry’s CREATE program (Commercial Real Estate Alliance for Tomorrow’s Employees) because we wanted to provide an experience for a college student to learn about the industry. The CREATE program is a collaborative effort by leading commercial real estate companies and service firms addressing workforce challenges throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  CREATE provides funding and support for college-level instruction, job shadowing and internship opportunities relevant to employers, in order to meet the hiring needs of building owners, investors, operators and service firms – at a time when we expect an industry employee turnover of nearly 50% in the next five years.

Sam Shapiro (SFSU, 2008) and Michelle Burney (SFSU, 2017)
Sam Shapiro (SFSU, 2008) and Michelle Burney (SFSU, 2017)

Michelle was taken on building tours to see Able’s engineering and janitorial operations in San Francisco where she observed safety meetings, customer service interactions, mechanical operations, and learned about the solutions provided by Able. Her primary responsibilities were working with Able’s marketing team to grow brand awareness in digital channels and tell the Able brand story.

Able Services is the USA’s largest family-owned provider of engineering, janitorial, and facility solutions. Serving over more than one billion sq. ft. Able delivers the most innovative and forward thinking services in the industry.

  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Green Cleaning & GreenAble Sustainability Program
  • Recycling & Zero Waste Programs
  • Energy Procurement
  • Safety Training

Since 1926 Able has consistently delivered world-class service at a competitive value, thereby achieving significant cost savings and efficiencies for our clients.

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