IAVM’s Venue Connect 2015 in Baltimore

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A 50,000 seat stadium and a 4,000 seat auditorium are interested in the same goals: driving value for customers and keeping rising costs in check. As we learned at #VC15, venue owners and managers are searching for creative ways to satisfy ticket holders in an increasingly competitive entertainment marketplace. We found the following topics to be of great importance to venue operators and owners attending IAVM’s Venue Connect 2015 in Baltimore:

  • How well is your facilities portfolio in alignment with your institution’s strategic direction?
  • How does your facility performance contrast with its peer institutions?
  • Is your campus adequately funding the facilities management annual budget?
  • Are the operating funds that your facilities department receives spent in a manner that supports desired outcomes?

Your goals are our goals. As a collaborative service provider, Able delivers creative and cost effective solutions for venues throughout the country. Strategic Sourcing through our relationships with other vendors enable great cost reductions for clients. From lighting to HVAC equipment, landscaping, and elevator operations, we typically can provide a 7-10% reduction in operating costs.

In addition to fighting rising costs and seeking greater efficiencies, Able is equipped to deliver expert service and insights due to the fact that we have a national footprint and a multitude of diverse clientele.

Our service solutions are based on experience. Attending conferences such as IAVM enables collaboration and the growth of intellectual capital.

Recently Able published a video titled, “Your Goals are Our Goals: An Evolution from Vendor to Partner,” which shows the kind of relationship we have with our clients. Watch the video here to see firsthand what our clients are saying about their partnership with Able.

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