Message from Able Services CEO Paul Boschetto

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Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Able Services newsletter. In this first issue, I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you some of the milestones achieved within our company. In 2010, we surpassed 500 million square feet of area serviced. In 2009, we were operating our janitorial division in two states. Today we’re servicing clients across more than 45 states. Our Engineering company, founded in 1995 under the leadership of Paul Bensi, entered its 45th state and is now the largest privately-held provider of building and mobile engineering services in the United States.

What was the difference? We really made an effort to grow into the Northeast with a new assignment and office located in Manhattan. That first facility services assignment led to three additional assignments further driving our growth in that area. I am confident that our platform in safety, sustainability, and technology provides a significant benefit to corporations in need of a true partner. In addition to facility services, we’ve continued our focus on developing business in education, stadiums and government facilities services. There’s going to be a lot more national growth for us as well.

You may have noticed our new slogan “Service at Work.” This phrase exemplifies our company and its culture. To really understand what sets Able apart you have to know our people. Our people are humble and hard working. They know that at its heart Able is a family-owned organization grounded in strong values. While we have experienced tremendous growth over the last five years, we achieved it in a way that allowed us to also maintain our core culture. We’ve grown, because our clients trust us. They’ve asked us to expand our services and locations, and we’ve invested in doing it the right way.

Many times in the past when a client asked us to go to a new market to handle their properties, we were hesitant. This was primarily because we didn’t want to let them down. So we declined the opportunity. But we’ve changed all of that. We invested millions in human capital bringing on experienced managers, operations and supervisors, to increase our infrastructure which was necessary to operate this business on a national scale. We did it to better service our clients.

To further support our mission we made the knowledge of green cleaning, operations and, maintenance practices available to everyone in the real estate industry. You’ll learn more about that in this issue from Michael McGee , a LEED Accredited Professional, who serves as our sustainability officer to drive our GreenAble program. Able was a green company well before people really started talking about it. Our buildings have been green for a decade because of our operations and practices. A few years ago we began to tell that story. We created and trademarked GreenAble to better explain what we do when we service a client’s buildings and why it matters. Buildings consume more energy than anything else in the US. By providing real estate owners and managers with the information they need to reduce consumption and implement sustainable green cleaning practices, we can make a significant impact on the world around us.

2010 represented significant commitments in sustainability and human capital for our company. This year, we’ve been changing our company’s entire technology architecture. We’re investing time and money into enhancing the technologies we use, whether it is hardware, software, new field technologies and more, to further support our clients and create greater efficiencies and cost savings.

I look forward to sharing more with you in future issues.

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