Paul-Bensi_200x300Paul Bensi
CEO, Engineering Division, Able Services

As the founder of Crown Energy Services, acquired by Able Services in 1995, Paul Bensi is extremely proud of the growth that has occurred over this 20 year period. Mr. Bensi’s relationship with the union, his familiarity with the industry, and his demeanor have made him a fixture in the networks that Able Services does business. (READ MORE)

Mr. Bensi oversees all operational, financial, and sales activities. He ensures customer satisfaction and value delivery are optimized. He also provides strategic direction for new business development.

Mr. Bensi is on the board of Trustees for the Central Pension Fund of IUOE & Participating Employers (Washington DC). He is a Chairperson for Northern California’s Local 39 Pension, Annuity and Health & Welfare fund. He is also a board of trustee member for Southern California’s Local 501 Training Trust and Local 501 Health & Welfare fund.