Able Services Joins Cleaning Coalition of America

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Able Services Joins Cleaning Coalition of America

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April 23, 2020

Able Services establishes the Cleaning Coalition of America with six other organizations in the contract cleaning sector.  The Coalition represents the needs of an often-overlooked sector playing a vital role keeping essential services operating during the coronavirus crisis. As the country moves past this crisis to get back to business, the contract cleaning sector will again be on the front lines. Cleaners will be disinfecting works paces, schools, airplanes, shopping centers, stadiums and other public spaces to prepare them for widespread use, reestablishing the public’s trust in the systems that underpin society. Able Services and the Cleaning Coalition of America represent nearly one million essential workers all over the United States.

“Health and safety is the number one priority for our employees, clients and communities. We’re looking to preserve jobs and maintain access to much-needed personal protective equipment for our workers, so that they can continue to do their jobs which are an essential part of getting the American economy moving again,” said J. Paul Saccone, Chief Executive Officer of Able Services, a Cleaning Coalition of America Board Member.

The contract cleaning service industry employs more than one million workers in every state in the country, and it has been hard hit by the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis. Accordingly, the Cleaning Coalition of America is asking Congress and the Administration to support targeted measures that will help ensure the continuity of business operations and the employment of its essential workforce. Able Services is a founding member of the Cleaning Coalition of America and intends to advocate for the essential nature of its workforce requiring adequate PPE, training, and recognition.

About Able Services

Founded in 1926, Able Services provides solutions for facility operations. Working together to deliver valuAble work-life experiences, Able cleans, operates and maintains more than 1 billion square feet of the built environment for the world’s biggest owners of real estate and facilities operators. Employing 17,000 people in 43 states, Able is revolutionizing solutions where people work and live. Able is ‘Service at Work.’ Able Services Establishes the Cleaning Coalition of America. Learn more at or call (800) 461 9033.

Working together to provide valuAble work-life experiences, Able Services is USA’s largest family-owned and privately held provider of facility solutions for more than one billion sq. ft. of real estate.

Since 1926 we’ve delivered ‘Service at Work.’

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A Thank-You Video to Essential Building Maintenance Workers

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