Heather Bryant Joins Quick Base Builders Advisory Board

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Heather Bryant Joins Quick Base Builders Advisory Board

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Heather Bryant joined the Able Services IFM Development Team in January 2017 to build EnAble IFM, Able’s IFM Platform.  The EnAble Platform is a compilation of technology applications and streamlined processes that will enable Able Services to deliver integrated services to any of our current or future customers.  For the past two years, Heather has been instrumental in the design and development of the EnAble IFM Platform which we are now successfully deploying around the country.

Mark Langermann, SVP recently stated: “The EnAble platform has proven to be invaluable to our efforts to distinguish Able Services from our competitors while offering data-driven solutions for optimum service.  It has allowed us to win new business and plays a big role in our retention strategy.  Heather is a tremendous asset to our organization; generous with her time, thoughtful with her comments and direction and quick to respond to tight deadlines.  Heather is a true partner of our success.”

The Quick Base® Platform

Quick Base is the software that we use to build the EnAble Platform. Quick Base recently recognized Heather as “one of the most legendary application builders of all time” and invited her to join their Quick Base Builders Advisory Board.  Marykate Gass, our Quick Base Customer Success Manager, recently wrote about Heather as part of the nomination process.  She wrote:

Heather is one of our long-time builders, and she is excellent at it.  She can thoughtfully analyze and draw out business requirements and translate those into applications that benefit her business.  She has built apps for the past ten years and was recruited to Able Services to build apps for their IFM (Integrated facilities management) team.

Heather is the primary builder behind Able’s IFM Platform.  It is the platform that allows Able’s customers to have a complete view of all the work that Able is doing for their buildings.  This near real-time insight allows for Able to get a competitive advantage in the IFM market.

Additionally, Heather has built apps for various parts of the Able business.  She has built apps for Able’s leadership team for its strategic plan, the Project Management Office, and their finance department to manage the vacancy billing process.  All parts of Able are benefiting because of Heather’s expertise and leadership!

Heather’s ability to listen and draw out requirements is a fantastic skill.  She is masterful at the building part as well, but her careful, thoughtful approach to hearing the business need, drawing out the details and accurately translating the requirements into reality makes her exceptional.  The Quick Base Builders Advisory Board will be a collection of twenty-five strategic developers from over 5000 Quick Base customers around the country that will help influence Quick Base’s future strategy, roadmap, product, and service offerings to ensure they meet the needs for companies like Able Services.  The Advisory Board is also intended to be an opportunity to network with some of the best Quick Base builders as well as the Quick Base leadership team.  The invitation to this Board is excellent recognition for Heather and her accomplishments.  Her appointment to the Advisory Board provides huge upside for Able Services as we continue to grow our technology platform and partner with Quick Base.

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