PPE for Disinfecting Offices

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PPE for Disinfecting Offices

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As tenants return to offices, disinfection of high-touch areas such as bathrooms, elevators, and break rooms, is needed to limit the spread of  COVID-19. How do building maintenance contractors reduce a janitor’s infection risk when cleaning their facilities? The right PPE for disinfecting offices, facilities and indoor environments is needed at this critical time to ensure the health and safety of building inhabitants.

Cleaning staff stays safe with the use of proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) as part of a comprehensive health and safety program. PPE is worn by janitors to protect them from infectious diseases, as well as disinfectant and other hazardous materials. PPE for disinfecting offices and other indoor environments is essential to keeping our employees safe.

Types of PPE

In general, the following PPE for disinfecting offices and general cleaning is required given the heightened health and safety concerns:

  • Gloves – provide hand protection from skin absorption of harmful substances. Nitrile gloves should be worn when cleaning any surface. Employees should wash hands before and after using gloves and dispose of gloves after use or if damaged.
  • Aprons and coveralls – are worn over regular clothes and protect the cleaner from the disinfectant used. When disinfecting spaces with suspected or confirmed cases, coveralls (including boot/shoe covers) should be used to protect employees.
  • Safety goggles and glasses – are forms of eye protection that provides coverage from both the front and side. They protect against airborne containments, as well as the splash from liquid chemicals, such as the disinfectant.
  • Face-coverings–provide protection from and reduce the potential for droplets to either leave or enter the mouth and nose area. Dust-masks should be provided to employees, who can use them on a voluntary basis while respirators, such as PAPR’s (Power Air Purifying Respirators), are required for our ReliAble team, when disinfecting spaces with suspected or confirmed cases of infection.

Suspected & Confirmed Cases

In the event of suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 on site, additional PPE for disinfecting offices is required when compared to general cleaning and disinfection of office space. Our ReliAble Response Team has the proper PPE, along with the required training, equipment, and processes to respond to any potential COVID-19 exposure, click here to learn more about ReliAble Response Team.

Documentation & Training

Appropriate PPE for disinfecting offices should be identified in the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for each task and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and may vary depending on site-specific conditions. These documents should be prepared by your janitorial manager with the support of the safety manager, and all employees must be trained in the proper use and disposal of PPE. Keeping our employees safe is our highest priority. With the right PPE for the work, Able Services gets the job done in a safe and efficient manner.

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