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Procurement Leadership

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Current Situation
COVID-19 has revealed weaknesses in the modern supply chain. With emergency measures taken by government and the healthcare industry to prepare for a COVID response, the supply and distribution of PPE, cleaning chemicals and building maintenance tools have been dramatically impacted. Read our blog post about PPE for disinfecting offices here.

Able’s Program
Able’s experienced procurement team has worked tirelessly in its effort to find the necessary tools so we can continue cleaning and maintaining America’s commercial facilities.  By staying true to our roots as a family-owned company, we’ve taken a hands-on approach with our partners, vendors and suppliers to work together during these uncertain times.

Our procurement task force is securing products that were previously always available but now, because of the global pandemic, they are much harder to find. The realignment of needs have made it necessary to branch out to our network.  According to Mike Coughlin, Director of Procurement at Able,

“By creatively thinking outside of the box, we have built a strong partnership with these companies, helping to increase our foothold on industry supplies that are crucial to our business.”

Able’s established procurement program ensures that we have a pipeline of products, education and training for our workers, and transparent communication to our clients. To minimize disruption to the supply chain, our procedures include:

  • Reviewing site inventory of cleaning chemicals, materials, and consumables to ensure inventory levels are in line with future/normal building occupancy and order accordingly
  • Ensuring an adequate pipeline of inventory remains open and constant working closely with our supply partners and vendors
  • Staying abreast of the latest technology and source timely for our clients

Future Trends

Recent news from the World Economic Forum states that a change in our supply chain management as a nation is inevitable, moving towards new technologies, diverse sourcing and digitization. Essentially, future supply chains may include a focus on buying US manufactured products as many companies look to bring production home. Key decision makers within the government may also receive pressure to consider manufacturing certain products within the country. Additionally, global firms will consider diversifying their supply chains in the future.

About Able Services

Founded in 1926, Able Services provides solutions for facility operations. Working together to deliver valuAble work-life experiences, Able cleans, operates and maintains more than 1 billion square feet of the built environment for the world’s biggest owners of real estate and facilities operators. Employing 17,000 people in 43 states, Able is revolutionizing solutions where people work and live. Able is ‘Service at Work.’ Able Services Establishes the Cleaning Coalition of America. Learn more at or call (800) 461 9033.

Working together to provide valuAble work-life experiences, Able Services is USA’s largest family-owned and privately held provider of facility solutions for more than one billion sq. ft. of real estate.

Since 1926 we’ve delivered ‘Service at Work.’

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A Thank-You Video to Essential Building Maintenance Workers

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