Energy Solutions


Level III Energy Audit

During the first phases of discussing energy programs, Able services will prequalify your assets with an Able Level III Energy audit to determine the exact mix of Energy Services which are applicable for each project.

*Able will self perform and partner with leading Retro Commissioning firms specializing in Level III audits.

Audit Results

Part of the audit’s findings will include a detailed discounted cash flow analysis.  This analysis provides the basis for recommendations from Able’s Subject Matter Experts.
Recommendations may include:

  • Energy Conservations ECMs
  • Energy Compliance Programs
  • Energy Investment Projects
  • Energy Procurement
  • Energy Capital Investment & Development Projects (including Sterling Wilson CoGeneration)

Our Energy Partners

Sterling & Wilson Cogeneration Solutions (SWCOGEN) is the leading global energy solutions provider for environmentally friendly Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Demand Response (DR) and Microgrid applications.  The emergence of clean power, heightened sensitivity towards fuel utilization and efficiency has transformed the North America power generation market creating a landscape for SWCOGEN to provide complete power solutions for a clean, sustainable energy future. SWCOGEN delivers “end to end best in-class” projects meeting your energy needs with cost efficient, reliable and environmental friendly solutions.

Goby’s powerful, cloud-based data automation platform and ESG solutions are driven by refined, validated blue-chip data to reshape business strategies, boost operational efficiencies, and elevate portfolio performance for CRE owners and investors. Accurate, validated data is the key to making better decisions and boosting your bottom line. Goby gives you the power of actionable analytics to make data-driven decisions and improve your portfolio’s overall performance.

Able will perform and partner with leading Retro Commissioning firms specializing in Level III audits.


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