Outsourcing Facility Maintenance in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Outsourcing Facility Maintenance in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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What To Look For When Outsourcing Facility Maintenance in the Pharmaceutical Industry

While some organizations prefer to perform non-core activities such as facilities maintenance, outsourcing is a strategy for big pharma to manage risk, create reliable operations, reduce downtime, and allow the organisation to focus on core, value-adding activities. Able Services works together with pharmaceutical companies to address challenges Facility Managers may encounter:

  • Reliability: Drive reliability of critical facility systems that support science and office spaces.
  • Compliance: Ensure operational compliance with all local and federal codes and site readiness.
  • Service Level: Meet/exceed internal customer requirements and a positive work environment.
  • Cost Efficiency: Increase efficiency, cost transparency and achieve sustainable savings.

Lab Asset & Facility Maintenance in Pharma Summit 2019

The 2nd annual Lab Asset & Facility Management in Pharma summit will host 120+ senior experts from Lab Operations, Facility Maintenance , Lab Supplies and Procurement across pharma, biotech, CROs and research institutions.

The event will address challenges relevant to facility maintenance in the pharmaceutical industry:

  • How to increase R&D productivity and avoid unnecessary downtime
  • Revise the operating model for lab facility and asset supplies
  • Optimize utilization of lab equipment and facility footprint
  • Explore new technologies and IoT for asset monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Extend and manage your equipment life-cycle
  • Evaluate vendor relationships and collaborations with OEM

Join Able Services’ John Rey and Steve Morin at the Panel Debate on Excellent Integrated FM – What does It Take?

The panel will take place on October 24, 2019 at 10:55AM at the Lab Asset & Facility Management in Pharma summit in San Diego, CA.

Outsourcing Facilities Maintenance Providers

What should Facility Managers be looking for when deciding on a provider of Facility Maintenance in the Pharmaceutical Industry? Today’s facility managers are constantly challenged to do more with less. Therefore, cost efficiency and reliability and two very important factors to consider when outsourcing IFM Providers.

Able Services’ self-perform model and national sub-contract relationships allows Able Services to deliver best-in-class services at the lowest cost of ownership. Our integrated approach increases efficiencies, eliminates fees on fees and delivers sustainable savings and cost transparency. Able’s industry-proven programs and policies ensures efficient and reliable operations. Standardized processes ensure repeatable and sustainable operations for our clients, which mitigates risk, reduces operating expenses and delivers an optimized environment.

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