Infection Control Leadership in Uncertain Times

A public health crisis is unfolding across the globe and facility management is feeling the heavy burden of ensuring their occupants can return to safe, healthy environments. Able Services is committed to delivering specialty disinfection services to our clients and the marketplace. We are continuously evolving our practices even in the face of unprecedented circumstances. We have developed our new ReliAble Response Team®, providing specialty disinfection services to ensure your tenants and occupants have the highest level of confidence in the health and safety of their environment. Our Sanitization efforts are nothing new, but in response to the current Pandemic, we’ve evolved our solution to best meet the needs of the real estate industry. Able Services provides enhanced disinfection to commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.

Experience a New Standard of Disinfection With OUR ReliAble Response Team®

ReliAble Response Team Disinfection Services

We have developed our new ReliAble Response Team® to ensure your tenants and occupants have confidence in the health and safety of their environment.

Maintaining a visually clean facility is not enough in the face of a global pandemic. Stringent infection mitigation and control is of utmost urgency. To help reduce the spread of infectious disease, including COVID-19, we created the ReliAble Response Team®. This crew of specially trained individuals provide a higher level of environmental cleaning services at facilities where disinfection and extra sanitization is needed.

Able Services provides staff instruction on the consistent application specialty disinfection services in alignment with CDC guidelines to help facilitate the effective removal of pathogens. By removing microorganisms from surfaces in the workplace environment, the risk of spreading the virus or contracting an infection is significantly reduced. Our enhanced disinfection and specialty sanitatization services, promote safe and healthy work practices.

In addition to the robust training program that Able employees complete, our ReliAble Response Team® complete advanced training in the following areas:

  • CDC Guidelines for Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • Hazard Communications
  • Right to Know; Safety Data Sheets (GHS)
  • Chemical Handling Safety
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Proper Usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Respiratory Fit Testing (3rd party administered)
  • Appropriate Operation of Disinfecting Equipment.

Able Services employees who successfully complete all training and testing receive a fit-testing card and a certificate of completion for the ReliAble Response Team®.

How The ReliAble Response Team® Works

The ReliAble Response Team® focuses on areas considered “high touch points” including elevator buttons door knobs, toilet handles, faucets, phones, light switches, keyboards, and other surfaces that are routinely contacted by building occupants. Though we can’t guarantee the elimination of COVID-19 contamination, we follow the CDC guidelines during our processes to significantly reduce the risk of transmission with our specialty disinfection services.

To give our clients the widest range of options to meet their specific building needs, Able Services has created three levels of ReliAble Response Team® disinfection services. Depending on your unique situation, our team can perform one of the following service options:

Level 1 – Preventative Deep Cleaning & Disinfection

Level 2 – Advanced Disinfection

Level 3 – Infection Control All Surfaces In A Contaminated Space

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It has become abundantly clear that the status quo is no longer sufficient in maintaining healthy environments. The procedures you have followed in the past may not be enough to prevent the spread of infectious pathogens and put an end to facility-crippling outbreaks. Please contact your local Able Services representative today to learn more about our ReliAble Response Team® and Able Services’ ongoing efforts to combat COVID-19 with specialty disinfection services. Let us assist you in returning your environment to a safe and healthy space, now and in the future.