Outsourced Multifamily Maintenance Solutions


Able Services provides outsourced multifamily maintenance solutions to over 60,000 units in the USA.

Able’s standardized maintenance practices deliver results; better run assets and happy communities. 

Focus on relationships, while we handle the rest.

Multifamily Services

  • Resident Manager
  • Superintendent
  • Service Manager
  • Head Janitor
  • Handyperson
  • Maintenance tech
  • Front Desk and Concierge
  • Door Attendant
  • Energy Management

Employee Management

  • HR/Hiring
  • Employee Management
  • Union/ Non-Union
  • Payroll + Benefits Administration
  • OSHA Training
  • Job Skills Training
  • Apartment Turn-Audit Procedures
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Local Law Compliance

Why Able Services?

Standardized outsourced multifamily maintenance practices ensure uniformity for each task across all shifts & buildings, helping keep assets running smooth day and night. Our standard practices at multifamily communities has the proven ability to deliver what tenants and owners want, the best living experience.


Effective maintenance programs for multi-family residential properties help owners preserve expensive assets. Properly maintained building systems such as water heaters, HVAC, elevators and plumbing can run longer and more efficiently.

We often increase the long-term return on these investments.

What is preventative maintenance at Multi-family residential properties?

Regularly checking and cleaning larger equipment to make sure everything is running properly. Training staff on the ins and outs of preventive maintenance is a critical investment that should be made by building owners to increase the lifespan of equipment.

Learn more about Able’s preventative maintenance program here


Deploying a set of building-wide operating standards and platforms is key to increasing the ROI of a building. Operating standards and platforms also streamline training and eliminate any discrepancies surrounding the on- boarding of new employees. Everything is documented in a single directive operations manual, omitting any room for inaccurate interpretation. These Standards and platforms can be written to span all sectors of operations, from cleaning staff to concierges. Able’s outsourced multifamily operations make tenants happy and provide assurance to building owners that their asset is being operated efficiently.



We use our own proprietary EnableIFM technology to deliver our services. Focusing on people, process, technology and data, we provide an industry leading solution for our clients.Our technology features work order tracking, site usage heatmaps, preventative maintenance scheduling, and customized KPI deliverables.

We practice ongoing innovation and constantly expand our utilization of IoT technologies.We are constantly seeking to increase our team’s productivity through mobile technologies, programs and software.


Customer driven mobile and cloud based work order and operations management solutions for commercial real estate teams.


Our partner GOBY provides ESG solutions empowering managers to implement cost-effective and scalable strategies for sustainability programs and certifications. Automated utilities tracking, dashboard technologies and actionable insights, reduce environmental impact and increase operating efficiency.


Communication among staff is critical to successful outsourced multifamily maintenance operations. Requiring staff to utilize maintenance logs ensures all repairs follow protocol and both preventive and general maintenance is done regularly.

For example, the bottom of each maintenance log may require the lead staff to sign off, essentially pledging the task was properly and completely done and that any issues found were either taken care of or delegated. Records can be shared with new staff, vendors, and ownership to prove the building is well maintained.

We identify and implement sustainability initiatives.

Able Services identifies and implements sustainability initiatives that can help increase the effects of outsourced multifamily maintenance.

For example, buildings can transition to LED lights in all common areas and apartments. LED lights use less energy and, as a result, need to be changed less often, saving building owners money on restocks and on the time it takes staff to change the bulbs. Replacing equipment, such as large-scale water heaters with in-unit water heaters is an excellent example of sustainable proactive maintenance that helps keep buildings running longer and stronger. In addition to saving money on energy performance, implementing sustainability initiatives, can attract a crowd of potential tenants who care about the environment and will pay to live in a sustainable community.

Steve Selock
Vice President, Able Services
Steve Selock
Vice President, Able Services

Service is not something you can touch, it’s not a widget that you can buy in the store, service takes a special commitment to the customer day-in and day-out. Keeping spaces clean, making our clients happy and working with our employees wakes me up every morning.


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