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5 Minutes with Moh

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Moh Pailizi

What’s your interest in sustainability?

It’s the perfect blend of new technology and the old school world of traditional real estate.

What is SeaSuite?

SeaSuite is a simple sustainability solution by Goby LLC. All of your sustainability activity data is automatically stored in the cloud. Utilities data is pushed from your provider into the SeaSuite dashboard and you will never again have to manually enter data. The SeaSuite also tracks your waste diversion, green janitorial purchasing, and keeps your building(s) compliant with local building ordinances.

What kind of results have you seen working with Able Services’ clients?

We’ve seen significant reductions in energy use and an increase in ENERGY STAR certifications. Using SeaSuite gives back time to Property Managers and Chief Engineers so they can focus their efforts analyzing data and making informed decisions.

What makes Goby LLC and their product the SeaSuite unique?

As a company we have a blend of a software combined with highly skilled professionals specializing in engineering, energy management, and LEED certification expertise. There is no other company that strategically combines the power of modern computing and sustainability expertise.

What are some trends you see in sustainability?

Data Visualization and gamification. I think our capabilities with SeaSuite help property managers and building operators visually access data and make sense of it. With so much information you can collect, it’s easy to get lost. The FitBit, a tracking, measuring, and socially competitive device, gives people a way to track their performance and measure results. The 10,000 step daily goal is a common mark for users and these users can compete with their network. SeaSuite provides similar benefits to building owners and operators, once you see your performance, your activity turns into a game. Your ENERGY STAR score is a benchmark of your building’s performance compared to similar buildings. Once you see your performance you can ask, “how do we make a BETTER RUN BUILDING?”

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