A New York Minute with Michael Roach

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A New York Minute with Michael Roach

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mike-roachWhat does “Service at Work” mean to you?

Service at work means to me that the focus is always about the customer. If I tell a customer the job is going to get done, it is my responsibility to make sure I see it through to completion. At the end of the day it’s putting in that extra effort to separate us from our competitors.

What do you do primarily at Able?

I mainly service residential assets in the New York City market. This includes staff management, training, and ensuring all Able standards are in place.

What is your background?

I am a graduate of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy with a Bachelor’s of Science in Facilities Engineering.

How did your education prepare you for your position at Able?

I studied facilities and had a maritime education.

Why is your favorite part about your job?

Getting out in the field and actually seeing the operation. I really enjoying seeing our Able field employees on a regular basis, I’ve learned so much for them and I think they like working with me. I also enjoy working with our clients. Their priorities are my priorities, I’ve often found that we can find common ground on how to meet their goals and exceed their expectations.

What hobbies occupy your off-time?

When not at work I enjoy fishing in the summer and skiing in the winter. I try to spend as much time on Cape Cod with my family and childhood friends. I also just finished a Salsa class and can be seen on the dance floor about once a week.

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